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Version Updates


• Fix issue with removing diagnoses • Fix for HL7 response and version information


• Update the HL7 process to check the project configuration on whether it should insert patients that do not exist. • Store MSH-10 with each test result into the diagnostic procedures. • Update Hl7 - OBR/OBX to show Observation title only once


• Create Journey Forward Role mappings • Fix issue where the Reset functionality on the ad hoc does not reset all the fields. • Fix issue where the clinical-trial Y/N filter is not remembered when saving an ad hoc report. • Update diagnostic procedures to store treatment facility. • Update adhoc report to be filterable by treatment facility. • Add Diagnosis Groups feature. • Fix issue with hl7 server sometimes not recognizing the end of a message • Add PDF attachments for patient diagnostic procedures • Make it possible to select multiple Resources for barrier interventions. • Add a new "Save and Continue" button for Barrier Resolution which will submit the form data and then reload the same page, instead of going back to the main Barriers page. • Updated Reports to display popup, and disable submit button while the report is running


• Fix providers' portal so that it can load diagnosis groups. • Add display for the filename of an attachment if one exists while editing documentation items • On patient-view, move status next to pencils in header • Update the Barrier Intervention tab to show the barrier in question • Fix drop-downs on Specialties/Diagnoses to be populated by id instead of title, and sort the list of specialties by name • Update the Journey Forward exporter to look for a matching diagnosis group if it doesn't find a match on the diagnosis


• Fix 500 error when updating a diagnosis group • Add diagnosis group column to Diagnoses admin page • Update Ad-Hoc Report form submission to only show pop-up when 'Submit' is pressed • Update Followup Cares admin page to have a multi-tab display


• Make sure the diagnosis group drop-downs in followup cares and surveillances only show active groups • Add messaging system • Trigger event alerts for navigator(s) when patient fills out new distress survey • Add a "select all" feature to all of the pop-ups on the ad-hoc reports page • Add medications and medical history to the patient portal


• Move "My Account" link next to Logout and make Event Alerts page and pop-ups be based on the navigator selected in the upper right corner • Fix Referral To and Referral From fields in ad-hoc reports


• Add attachment support to insurances • Fix HL7 server to be able to handle empty lines in messages • Preserve line breaks in PDF generated from HL7 messages • Send providers to the same place as navigators, with read-only access • Add ability for super-admins to export entire database to CSV's • 832 add Super-Admin setting to enable/disable messaging system